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a long tongue 长舌

a middle man 经纪人

one's good man 良人

a rotten egg 腐坏的蛋

wild beast 野兽

a warm heart 热心

vain glory 虚荣

a fat job 肥缺

tutbid tide 浊流

angry waves 怒涛

a slip knot 活结

laughing-stock 笑柄

a great blow 大打击

to eat one's words 食言

to remove mountains 移山

to open fire开火

to fan the flame 煽动

to buy off 收买

to be at home 到家

to pick holes in 找漏洞

to go side by side 雁行

to doubt; to be hesitant狐疑

to bridge over a gap 渡难关

to be pale before 逊色

to stink of money 有铜臭

to eat the leek 忍辱吞声

to out-Herod 穷凶恶极

to cudgel one's brains 绞脑汁

more dead than alive 精疲力尽

with might and main 尽全力

out of bteath:上气不接下气

hale and heart 矍铄

hot and heavy 猛烈

change 变化

chop and change 变化无常

fret and fume 焦急;发怒

hum and ha(w) 支吾;吞吞吐吐

make merry:作乐

hardships;toil 辛苦

toil and moil 劳碌

busy 忙碌

as busy as a bee:忙忙碌碌

blockhead 木头

a rain of bullets:弹雨

an outsider 门外汉

a gleam of hope 一线希望

the woman's reason 女人道理

castle in the air 空中楼阁

antique flavour 古色古香

saying and doing 言行

to wash one's hands 解手

It serves you right! 活该

by and by 不久

Walls have ears 隔墙有耳

God knows 天晓得

gammon;fudge 瞎话

hand and foot 手脚

mop and mow:装鬼脸

poke and pry 好管闲事

low;at the botton 低下

face to face 封面

upside down 倒置

a quail;a soiled dove野鸡

a sodden sheep 落汤鸡

a black sheep 害群之马

the apple of one's eye掌上明珠

under the sod 黄泉之下

clean-handed 两袖清风

No money,no honey 无钱无甜

Up corn,down horn:贵肉贱

hanky-panky;hocus-pocus 把戏

hurdy-gurdy 绞弦琴


kicky-wicky 河东狮

linsey-woolsey 棉毛(交织物)

lovey-dovey 亲爱的

popsy-wopsy 小妹妹

kith and kin 亲友

humour 幽默

model 模特兄

modern 摩登

romantic 浪漫

honey-moon 蜜月

black list 黑名单

eternal triangle 三角恋爱

ivory tower 象牙塔

life line 生命线

virgin soil处女地

curve of beauty:曲线美

Bushido 武士道

bourgeois 中产阶级

proletariat 无产阶级

Bolshevik 过激派

Menshevik 稳健派

Avyanadhana 无障碍

tit for tat:一报还一报

cash and carry 现购自运

wear and tear 消耗

mess of pottage 导致将来吃大亏的暂时享受

Benjamin's mess 大股;殊恩

a Job's comforter不善安慰者

sheep and goats 善人与恶人

the good Samaritan 乐善好施者

the prodigal son 浪荡子

an Adonais 美男子

Homeric laughter 大笑

Platonic love 精神恋爱

El Dorado 黄金国

a wise man of Gotham笨伯

to be promiscunds 泾渭不分

pell-mell 乱七八糟

topsy-turvy 七颠八倒

tumultuous 乱糟(糟)

hurly-burly 吵闹;吵吵闹闹

helter-skelter;hurry-scurry 仓皇;慌忙

be ruined;go to ruin:零落

go to rack and ruin:七零八落

stroke and strife:狼籍

slip-slop 龌龊;亢脏

fair and square 磊落

clear 清楚

intimate; cordial 亲密

near and dear 亲亲密密

splendid 体面

plain,obvious 明白

stable;steady 常稳

steady as rock 四平八稳

slow and steady:稳妥

slow and sure 稳健:沉着

a great many 许许多多

for ever 永远

for ever and ever:永永远远

with airs and graces 娇滴滴

look coy 羞答答

boiling hot 热腾腾

grievous 悲切切

an obscene picture 春宫

a love potion;a philtre 春药

to sell one's favours:卖春

biting irony:冷嘲热讽

shed crocodile tears 猫哭老鼠

as mad as a hatter 大发雷霆

as dry as sawdust 味同嚼蜡

run against;dash against;collide with 横闯直撞

burn one's boat 有进无退

through and through;out and out 撤头撤尾

practice jobbery;graft 假公济私

rob Peter to pay Paul 挖东补西

hail the rising sun 趋炎附势

a hair-splitter 钻牛角尖

a sea of faces人山人海

rise above the herd 出类拔萃

catch at shadows捕风捉影

vanish into thin air 烟消去散


half in doubt 半信半疑

soldiers and soldiers:陆海军人

miles and miles:不可以道里计

so-and-so 某某;某事

such and such 如此如此

hot and hot 滚熟


many and many a time屡次

thus and thus 如此如此

effete 精疲力尽的

ephemeral 朝生暮死的

far-fetched 牵强附会的

inveterate 根深蒂固的

lackadaisical 没精打采的

ramshackle 东倒西歪的

versatile 多才多艺的

rare 半生半熟的

ajar 半开半掩

smatter 一知半解

mince 半吞半吐

bandy 打来打去

shuffle 推来推去

in all its splender or glory 体体面面

out and out;as perfect as perfect can be 完完全全

certainly;to be sure的确

as sure as mud;as sure as eggs is eggs的的确确

chop and change;kaleidoscopic,protean,everchanging;versatile:千变万化

bamboozle everybody:东骗西拐

go like a rocket and come down like a stick:虎头蛇尾

put a fifth wheel to the coach:画蛇添足

much(or great)cry and little wool:劳而无功

neither more nor less:不多不少

cut blocks with a razor:大才小用

make a mountain of a molehill;make a might fuss about nothing:小题大做

take a drastic measure;cut the Gordian knot:一刀两断

just as one would throw away an old hat 弃如敝屣

spidery writing蝇头小利

to be pinned (or tied) to a woman's apron-strings 拜倒石榴裙下


talk rot;talk nonsense;Hear him talk! 瞎三话四

in succession;continually;consecutively接连

in quick(or rapid) succession;in an unbroken line:接二连三

in the face of the world;in the presence of a large company:三封六面

be disunited;split;break up:分裂

be disrupted;be torn asunder:四分五裂

topsy-turvy;heels over head:七颠八倒


higgledy-piggledy;pell-mell;in a muddle;a pretty kettle of fish乱七八糟

to keep one's head above water:奋力图存;混过去

to nail one's colours to the mast破釜沉舟

to put in one's oar管闲事;干涉

to be taken aback惊惶失措

to turn adrift 任其漂流;置之不理

to go with the stream随波逐流

to go through fire and water赴汤蹈火

to pour oil on the flame火上加油

to cast out Satan by Satan以暴制暴


to have a thrill of horror;to be in a blue funk提心吊胆

to agree in our(their) innermost thought肝胆相照

to enter in a line;to queue up鱼贯而入

to be closely dovetailed 犬牙交错

to be frantic with joy欢悦若狂

to have a sanguine complexion满面春风

to set the room in a roar哄堂大笑

to provide against a rainy day未雨绸缪

to vanish like a bubble终成泡影

to hail the rising sun 趋炎附势

to kill two birds with one stone一举两得

to talk black into white颠倒黑白

to fake up an unsound horse鱼目混珠

Nothing comes wrong to the hungry.饥不择食

Necessity has no law.急不暇择

The more haste,the less speed.欲速不达

Call no man great before he is dead.盖棺论定

It is six of one and half a dozen of the other.半斤八两

stretch in all directions;be accessible from all directions四通八达

in all ages;at all times;since remote antiquity古往今来

appear and disappear all of a sudden;be preternaturally swift;be elusive神出鬼没

be inconstant(fickle) in policy:朝令夕改

be born today and die tomorrow;be shortlived朝生暮死

to play fast and loose;to chop and change朝秦暮楚

to hear the enemy's war-songs at each gate;to be surrounded by foes:四面楚歌

to hold a candle to the devil助纣为虐

Teach your grandmother how to suck eggs.班门弄斧

A woman marries again.琵琶别抱

to command a phenomenal sale.洛阳纸贵

The Land of the Rising Sun.扶桑三岛

Naught may endure but mutability.沧海桑田

to be afraid of one's own shadow杯弓蛇影

with a crushing force势如破竹

to have a forbidding countenance貌如钟馗

to come to the point at once;to speak in a downright way单刀直入

to strike a man when he is down打落水狗

to exert oneself to the utmost粉身碎骨

to be much talked of;to be on everybody's lips脍灸人口

to have no callers;to have few visitors;the door is deserted门可罗雀

Morality has lost its hold on the people道德扫地

abandon oneself to despair;give oneself up to despair自暴自弃

dream one's life away醉生梦死

stupendous blunder大错特错

Misfortunes never come singly祸不单行

a bolt from the blue青天霹雳

Avarice knows no bounds 得陇望蜀

pay Chinese compliments:阳奉阴违

much alike;almost identical;substantially the same大同小异

make invidious distinctions;treat people with discrimination:厚此薄彼

treat woman as inferior to men重男轻女

Man is superior to woman. 重男轻女

Man predominates over woman.男尊女卑

the sermons in stones木石垂教

great mercy and compassion大慈大悲

the most merciful Kwannon大慈大悲观世音

Namo Amitfabha南无阿弥陀佛

indiscrible hardships;intense application千辛万苦

phenomenal advance突飞猛进


generation after generation世世代代

as snug as a bug in a rug舒舒服服

as poor as a church mouse一贫如洗

as thin as a thread-paper瘦骨如柴

make ducks and drakes with one's money挥金如土

neither fish nor flesh不伦不类;非驴非马

man of light and leading大家;权威

fair field and no favour一视同仁

an ass in sheep's skin;in borrowed plumes狐假虎威

The woman domineers over her husband.牝鸡司晨

That is no news.明日黄花

He went home loaded with honors.衣锦还乡

Neither fish,flesh nor fowl.不伦不类

play fast and loose;blow not and cold反覆无常

Throw away the apple because of the core.因噎废食

After a storm,comes a calm.否极泰来

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.欲加之罪,何患无辞

Hard work can make up for lack of natural talent.勒能补拙

to throw a sprat to catch a herring抛砖引玉

Two of a trade can never agree.同行嫉妒

Birds of a feather flock together.物以颠聚

One's mantle falls on another.衣体相传

There is no smoke without fire.无风不起浪

Cry up wine and sell vinegar.补羊头卖狗肉

Like father,like son.有其父必有其子

Nothing venture,nothing win.不入虎穴,焉得虎子?

to eat one's cake and have it又要马儿好,又要马儿不吃草

flog a dead horse枉费心机

live on air喝西北风过日子

neck and neck并肩;并驾齐驱;颉颃

tack and tack(航海)继续调向;继续掉戟

Might makes right.强权造成公理

A straw show which way the wind blows.一叶之秋

mellifluous tongue三寸不烂之舌

Excuse me,but may l ask you what business you are engaged in?先生那里发财?

Once the wife of a parson,always the wife of a parson.嫁鸡随鸡,嫁狗随狗

One must reap what one has sown种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆

to be frightened out of one's wits吓得六种无主

Saul among the prophets有奇才者;意外之同情心者

to gather in crowds;to swarm;to throng云集

to overwhelm;to dominate;to sweep;to carry all风靡

to vanish like smoke烟消云散

to stand close together;t bristle林立

to stand in trio; to take a triangular position; to be in a three-cornered contest鼎立

to divide among;to cut up;to dismember:瓜分

to collapse;to break up;to fall asunder:瓦解

to smash;to break to pieces:粉碎

to nibble;to encroach upon:啄食

to drink like a fish:牛饮

to swarm;to throng;to rise against:蜂拥

to flee helter-skelter;to scamper off like a rat:鼠窜

to be cracked;to split;to fissure;to fracture:龟裂

to dance(leap) for joy:雀跃

to change suddenly;to change front;to turn one's coat:骤变

to escape;to have a narrow escape:逃脱

to commit sodomy:鸡奸

to give vent to one's anger:泄怒

to vent one's spleen(upon):发脾气

sexual desire;soft fancy;thoughts of love:春情

minister without portfolio:不管业务的部长

more and more:愈;有加无减


lively;sprightly;alive and kicking:活泼泼

with strained eyes;with one's eyes wide open:眼睁睁

with tears in one's eyes:泪汪汪

with one's face bathed in tears:泪纷纷

tipsy;under the influence of liquor:醉醺醺

as clear as day(as daylight):清清楚楚

as plain as ABC(as a pikestaff):明明白白

an infinitesimal quantity:九牛一毛

a drop in the bucket:九牛一毛

to persevere under difficulties:臣薪尝胆

to go through thick and thin:臣薪尝胆

Commit no nuisance.:禁止小便,君子自重

A miss is as good as a mile.:过无大小,其失一也。五十步笑百步。

When shepherds quarrel,the wolf has a winning game:鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利

Two dogs strive for a bone,and a third runs away with it.:鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利

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